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Files & formats

So, what's with all the different files and formats you ask? I know it can be confusing and you might be wondering what file or format to use...

Here, let me help you out!


ADOBE FILES - Anything that has a .AI, .INDD, .EPS or .PSD on the end if it are Adobe design files, unless you have the programs you won't be able to open these. Someone like a sign-writer or another designer may ask for these.

PNG - A PNG file has a transparent background, perfect for when you're placing your logo or other elements onto a coloured background or image.

JPEG - A JPEG has a white or solid background, this might be beneficial if you want your logo or other elements to be legible/seen on an intricate background or image.

PDF - PDF stands for "portable document format". Usually used when you need to save files that cannot be modified but still need to be easily shared and printed.


RGB - This colour format is for digital use, anything that will be seen on a screen. Example: social media, website etc..

CMYK - This colour format is for print, anything that will be printed. Example: Business Cards, Flyers, Stickers etc..

HEX - This colour code is often used online/digitally. Example - Website Platforms, Canva etc..


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